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His Serene  Imperial & Royal Highness  Prince Dom Luiz of   Orleans e Bragança
Head of the Brazilian Imperial Family
The Prince of Brazil

Picture from the Site of the Imperial Family

Grand Master of the Imperial Order of the Southern Cross (Cruzeiro do Sul)
Grand Master of the Imperial Order of Our Lord Jesus Christ (
Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo)
Grand Master of the Imperial Order of Saint Benedict of Aviz (
São Bento de Aviz)
Grand Master of the Imperial Order of Saint James of the Sword (
São Thiago da Espada)
Grand Master of the Imperial Order of Dom Pedro I
Grand Master of the Imperial Order of the Rose


Dom Luiz Gastão Maria José Pio (Miguel Gabriel Raphael Gonzaga) de Orleans e Bragança e Wittelsbach, Prince of Brazil, Prince of Orleans and Braganza, was born on June 6, 1938, in Mandelieu, France, and was immediately registered at the Brazilian Consulate. When he was born, he was titled Prince Imperial of Brazil, i.e., the Heir to the Brazilian Throne, according to the Imperial Constitution of 1824.

He is the eldest of the twelve children of H.I.R.H. Prince Lord D. Pedro Henrique (*1909 †1981), Head of the Imperial House of Brazil and of H.R.H. Princess Maria of Bavaria (*1914).

He was baptized at the Chapel of Mas-Saint-Louis, country house of his grandmother, Princess Lady D. Maria Pia (*1878 †1973), née Princess of Bourbon of the Two Siciles, who was also his godmother; his godfather is his mother's brother, Prince Ludwig of Bavaria (*1913).

With the death of his Father, on July 5, 1981, he became the Head of the Brazilian Imperial House. He is by right (de jure) the Emperor of Brazil! The monarchists see him as His Imperial Majesty Lord Dom Luiz the First, by the Grace of God and the Unanimous Acclamation of the People, Constitutional Emperor and Perpetual Defender of Brazil.

By his paternal family, The Prince descends directly from the Emperors of Brazil, from whom he is the present dynastic successor, from the Kings of Portugal (House of Braganza) and from the Kings of France (Houses of Orleans and Bourbon) - all of these Dynasties belong to an only Royal Race, the Capet Lineage.

His Father, Prince Lord D. Pedro Henrique, was a great man of XXth Century Brazil. With simplicity, he represented so much the Brazilian Imperial tradition during those long years; he was prepared, since his birth, to be the Emperor. With his extreme religious devotion, he bequeathed to his Children the highest Catholic Faith. He was a model of paterfamilias to all the Brazilians who have maintained their loyalty to the Imperial House, after its deposition on November 15, 1889. Furthermore, D. Pedro Henrique was a famous artist too.

By his maternal family, The Prince is a descendant from the Kings of Bavaria (House of Wittelsbach), whose Dynasty is one of the oldest and most brilliants of Germany, and from the other German Royal Houses.

His mother, Princess Maria - after her marriage, H.I.R.H. Princess Lady D. Maria, Princess (or Empress) Consort of Brazil - is a great lady. She is presently The Princess Mother of Brazil; here, she is known as "Dona Maria da Baviera". Like her late husband, Dona Maria is also a painter, however she is specialist in porcelain painting, a traditional art of her homeland.

Lord Dom Luiz visited his fatherland for the first time in 1945, after the end of the Second World War, when the Imperial Family finally returned to Brazil. They lived firstly in Rio de Janeiro and after that they went to Paraná State, in the South Region. He was educated in the best Brazilian schools and later he went to Paris, where he studied Languages - His Highness speaks fluently Portuguese, French and German, but he understands Spanish, Italian and English. From 1962 to 1967, he studied Chemistry at the University of Munich.

Photo: Fernando Montero (1992) - Col. PRÓ-MONARQUIA
Dom Luiz e Dona Maria of Bavaria and Brazil

Since the accession of him as Head of the Imperial House, he has devoted his time to the Restoration of the true historical heritages of Brazil, like the Monarchy, the Religion, etc. He has visited the Brazilian cities with his two brothers, Prince Imperial D. Bertrand and Prince D. Antonio, in order to really know the people and their problems. The Cities always receive them with profound admiration and the mayors have given many regional decorations to Dom Luiz, such titles as Honorary Citizen, Honorary Member of the Historic Institutions, etc. In addition, he is Bailiff Grand Cross of the Constantine Order of Saint George, belonging to the Royal House of the Two Siciles.

His hobbies are reading and the appreciation of the good classical music. His preferred sports are hunting - when he was young, he conquered many trophies in this sport - and equestrianism.


Photo: Fernado Montero (1998) - Col. Otto de Sá Pereira
Dom Luiz and Dona Christine

The Head of the Imperial House is single; thus, the next in the Line of Succession to the Throne is his brother, H.I.R.H. Prince Imperial D. Bertrand (*1941).

D. Bertrand is also unmarried and his brother, H.I.R.H. Prince D. Antonio João (*1950), is the 3rd in the Line; he is married, since 1981, to H.H. Princess Christine of Ligne (*1955), from a Belgian Princely Family. Prince D. Antonio João´s children are the next in Line: H.I.R.H. Prince D. Pedro Luiz (*1983), H.I.R.H. Prince D. Rafael Antonio (*1986), H.I.R.H. Princess D. Amélia (*1984) and H.I.R.H. Princess D. Maria Gabriela Fernanda (*1989).

After them, the next Dynasts are THE PRINCE OF BRAZIL's sisters: H.I.R.H. Princess D. Isabel (*1944), H.I.R.H. Princess D. Eleonora (*1952), Hereditary Princess of Ligne by her marriage and, finally, H.I.R.H. Princess D. Maria Gabriela (*1959). The two children of D. Eleonora, TT.HH. Prince Henri Antoine of Ligne (*1989) and Princess Alix Marie of Ligne (*1984) are in the Order of Succession, because they have the Brazilian nationality, as well as the Belgian.

The other brothers of THE PRINCE OF BRAZIL, Princes D. Eudes (*1939), D. Pedro de Alcantara (*1945), D. Fernando Diniz (*1948), D. Francisco (*1955) and D. Alberto (*1957), renounced to their rights and titles of THE PRINCE OF BRAZIL, for themselves and their eventual descendants, because of their marriages with young ladies who were not members of the Royalty. However, they did not lose their Princely status. They are Princes of Orleans and Braganza (Royal Highnesses), like their consorts and male descendants. The youngest sister of D. Luiz, Princess D. Maria Thereza (*1959), now Mrs Johannes Hessel de Jong, also renounced to her Brazilian rights.


Photo: Fernando Montero (1992) - Col. PRÓ-MONARQUIA

Dom Luiz and The Imperial Family 1991

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